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What if you would be right at the start of a growing radiostation that celebrates summer all year long?

Radio Sunshine Live is NOT an extra specialized channel of a some huge radiostation playing the same playlist every two hours. No! We are specialized in summer! We are a feelgood-internetradiostation with 100% SUMMERHITS in a slick audiodesign. To complete it we broadcast updates from Radio News Hub. A leading newscompany with a team of award winning journalists. They bring our listeners updates in news, weather and showbizz, around the clock. At Radio Sunshine Live we provide you with a 24/7 around the clock summerfeeling. We have listeners from all over the world between age 16-49.

We Love Summer, so advertise at Sunshine Live!

Sunshine Live is a source of music in a positive way of life.
Sunshine Live is a webstation with a potential of growth.
Sunshine Live is online available while in the car, at home or at work.
Sunshine Live is available at Tune-In.
Sunshine Live is available on your SmartTV.
Sunshine Live is also purchasable in Google Play and AppStore.
Sunshine Live is a favorite station for its loyal listeners.
Sunshine Live provides a fast, efficient, cost effective service.
Sunshine Live offers packages to suit a friendly personal approach.

How about an audio commercial on start-up stream or an audio commercial around the News update? How about an audio commercial on start-up stream or an audio commercial around the Weather-Update? How about an audio commercial around the Showbizz update or summer-like postings on Facebook? (We just started, it's growing) How about a banner on our website?

Sunshine Live | We Love Summer

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Step in, enjoy summer!

What if you could influence our playlist?

We have an extra feature! Listeners have full access to our database. Their own influence on our playlist. Request your summersong at Radio Sunshine Live in 3 simple steps! 1. Find your favorite summer song in our database. 2. Tell us who you are. 3. Keep listening! Go check it out here!